Program Variants

PVscout 2.0 Premium

The main version of PVscout 2.0 is the Premium version. The data stock of high resolution irradiance data is available for the whole of Europe – or for further countries on request. There is a possibility of creating several roofs with a dynamic interconnection, for instance on one inverter, which has multiple MPP trackers in use. An extensive calculation of profitability is one of the highlights.

PVscout Premium

PVscout 2.0 Basic

PVscout 2.0 Basic is PVscout’s successor, a fast planning software, which, working with a simple PV plant, leads the user quickly to the goal. The roof area can be created as pitched roof or flat roof. Furthermore our extensive databases of PV modules and inverters allow interconnection and develop detailed printouts. The calculation of profitability helps you with estimates.

PVscout Basic

PVscout 2.0 Light

The smallest of the three PVscout versions is PVscout 2.0 Light. The Light version, which is also the premium demo version for a trial period of 30 days, will allow you, after the trial period, to complete the roof planning including mounting system planning. As in the premium version you have access to the mounting systems of the following manufacturers: Addisol, J&W, montavent, mp-tec, Regtec, Renusol, Schletter, Schweizer and Thesan.

PVscout Light